Once you familiarize yourself with our site and FAQ's below, fill out the custom van questionnaire and member of our team will contact you shortly!
Either in person or over the phone, we'll learn how you plan on using your custom van and what layout best fits your needs; resulting in a rough build estimate.
After collecting a $5,000 deposit, we'll pencil you into our production schedule and dive into the details of your dream van! We'll have thorough discussions about materials, systems, and options so that your van reflects your tastes and functional requirements. We'll provide detailed build notes and total production cost before assigning a drop-off date to start production.
Drop off your van! We'll get to work and keep you updated as the production progresses. The time frame for van conversions can be anywhere between 1-6 months depending on the size of your project. You can also swing by the shop and say hi, just let us know in advance and we can setup an appointment!


How much does it cost?

Full conversions range from $65,000 - $120,000. Think about your adventure vehicle as a house on wheels, and just like building a custom home, the cost is driven by the floor plan, features, components, and finishes you choose.

We offer a partial conversion package that starts at $30,000, which can include any or all of the following systems: installation of solar, battery system, vent fans, insulation, flooring, windows, or paneling.
We also offer single component installs for any one of the above mentioned items. We have a minumum service fee of $4,000.

What's the best van for a conversion?

There's no short answer for this topic! The three main vehicles used for van conversions (Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit, and Mercedes) are all great and have common strengths. DODGE PROMASTER & FORD TRANSIT Both Ford and Promaster excel in ease of serviceability and faster turnaround time from the dealer if ordered. Both also run on standard petrol, which appeals to those who drive outside the US frequently. Promasters and Transits are utiliatrian in design and maximize space with their box-like dimensions. This gives them a spacious interior feel and the flexibility to choose a lengthwise or transverse bed setup. These are great if you plan on spending a lot of time hanging out in your van conversion; wide space is key to having that comfortable feel. SOME DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO Ford is rear wheel drive, and unless you get it with 4x4 capibilites, owners have mentioned poor handling in compact snow and highway travel compared to the Promaster, which is front wheel drive. This gives the Promaster an overall smoother ride, better traction going up hills, and a better turning radius (officially best in class). The seats in the Promaster are also considered to be more comfortable and the front cabin sits a little higher than the Ford. One of the biggest strengths of the Ford is that it has the versatility of upgrading to 4x4 or maintaining the standard rear wheel drive, which the Promaster does not. Promaster only offers front wheel drive. MERCEDES SPRINTER Mercedes vans have that classic German quality with excellent engineering, impeccable design, and aesthetic appeal. These are more expensensive in the long-term because any kind of maintenance requires a speciliazed mechanic who will need to order expensive parts. Another factor to consider is the narrow width of the Mercedes, especially near the roof as the walls taper inward, which can feel tight and claustorphobic if you add upper cabinetry. Of course this is all just our opinion! There are plenty of articles and Youtube videos on this topic and we encourage our clients to do thorough research before choosing their van.

How long does it take to build a full conversion?

1- 5 months; the more complex, the more time it requires build!

Is there a standard build package?

We do not have a standard build package, but we do offer build to order models from our webiste. E-mail us which one you'd like and we can give you the pricing. Generally most of our builds are custom made for each client, from the floor plan to the colors, type of wood and the little extras, your vehicle will reflect your tastes and functional requirements.

What is the deposit schedule for a van conversion?

Producton Reservation.................$5,000 Second Payment..........................50% of project cost Third Payment...............................Remaining balance of project cost Final Payment................................Last minute change order costs CHANGE ORDERS If you change your mind or have new inspiration about something mid-production we'll work with you to find a solution. However, if the change requires an increase in our work load or requires additional parts then a change order fee will be applied.

Does Northwest Custom Vans offer financing?

We don't offer financing. Some of our clients have secured financing through their bank but we can't offer advice on the best way to go about it. We're builders, not bankers!