170" SPRINTER 4x4


This client is a DIY kind of guy and liked the idea of building his own van conversion. However, after looking into it he realized there were certain aspects of the project that he would rather have done professionally.  So he reached out to us and we went to the drawing board with him! He liked the idea ​of doing the cabinetry, kitchen, and benches himself but was unsure about electrical, solar, insulation, paneling, and bed framing. 

Now that our part is done, he can design, build, and install the cabinetry and kitchenette exactly how he wants in the front cabin area. He also plans on designing his own bike rack under the bed. Fun! We're happy to help him pursue his goals and enable him to do the thing he loves, which is to build, and add his own unique twist to his van conversion. 

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