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148" TRANSIT 4X4


Pickup day for Chad and his laid back dog, Max. This beauty is outfitted with bamboo cabinetry, a bed for stargazing, and an organization system that streamlines his nomadic lifestyle.  As a traveling nurse, he works for a few months and then takes time off to travel and pursue his hobbies. One place he particularly enjoys is Alaska with its backcountry adventures, which is why he wanted the Transit with 4x4 capabilities.

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These drawers and cabinets are push-to-open for a clean look and a convenient way to access items. For a more robust system that holds heavier items we recommend the locking push-button mechanism seen in our other builds. 

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No space went to waste in this conversion! Both sides of the bed are outfitted with top-lid accessible compartments. 
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When our clients pickup up their vans a lot of time is spent walking them through all the features so they leave with a thorough understanding of their new custom van!
The primary advantage of a lengthwise bed setup is the ease of use for two people getting in and out of bed without disturbing each other.
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Giving an awning demonstration while his Dog, Max, explores the shop.
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The most exciting feature of this van conversion, the stargazing bed. With 500 lbs capacity sliders, two heavy duty under-bed supports (and optional straps for lateral stability if needs be) this bed will allow multiple people to enjoy a safe and comfortable stargazing session.