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We are a quality driven company and our custom vans are built to last. We are precise and creative with our craftsmanship and use the best the market has to offer in hardware, materials, and components, which will give you confidence in the quality of your custom van. 
Along with quality, we put a high value on communication. You will know clearly what your custom van will be and what it will cost. Change your mind about something mid-production? No problem, we will update the cost estimate and send you a copy so you can see the changes made to our original agreement.
Jonathan, custom builder and company owner, is involved in all aspects of each custom van from start to finish, which means if you have questions about anything regarding your van, you can call Jonathan and he will know the answer. No being put on hold or "I'll get back to you" while someone looks for that one person who specializes in that one aspect of the project. Whether your question is about the timeline, design, current progress, or cost he is your one stop shop for any questions you might have.
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I hope that whoever is searching for that dream van conversion finds Northwest Custom Vans. Everything in my custom van has function and no space is wasted. From the dovetailed drawers, bamboo cabinetry, and slide out stargazer bed platform, I am hands down bamboozled! I am confident that NW custom vans will make you as happy as they've made me. I admire their craftsmanship, skill, planning, time, and engineering creativity it took to morph my van into a home.


- Chad R.

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